Tea and Biscuits


I often daydream about having a lovely big country-style kitchen with a scrubbed oak table and jars of home-made jam. I also flick through interior magazines and compile a wish-list of mismatched crockery and cake stands. I tell myself that when I have this ‘perfect’ kitchen and a fridge stocked with non-processed food, I will then finally learn how to cook. I am not fooling anyone though as it is a well-known fact that I am quite hopeless in the kitchen. No excuses really…It is a combination of impatience, laziness and a tendency to take shortcuts with recipes!

I certainly would not have the steady hand and patience to make these beautful teabag shaped shortbread biscuits from Le Pétrin.

I will use the excuse that the recipe is in French as my reason for not making these (but I encourage you readers to have a go, they are a work of art!)

Teabags are a favourite motif of mine as they conjure up a feeling of coziness and comfort. I was inspired to make this print and dedicate it to that afternoon tea and biscuit break. As nice as it would be to dunk a Sablés Sachets de Thé into my mug, I will convince myself that a rich tea biscuit does just as good a job!


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