Getting Ready to Hibernate

Hello world! Apologies for the brief hiatus, I hope you are eking out the last of your Summer wherever you may be. I am back in Hong Kong, production of AW14 is pretty much completed and we are getting ready to pack off our wholesale orders. It’s still baking hot here so it is strange to be swimming in a sea of velvet, but looking at all the embroidered bears and snowy prints is making me excited about the inevitable season change ahead. Fashion seasons also don’t pause for a second so we are simultaneously busy preparing SS15 to unveil next month.

So there’s a little update on what’s happening at BoD headquarters at the moment. I promise to show you some sneak peaks of our upcoming photoshoots!

In the meantime, snap up some AW13 bargains in the online shop before they disappear forever!

Book of Deer

Illustration by Barbara Bargiggia

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What’s in my bag? かばんのなかみは

If you like hunting down cute illustrations online you will no doubt have stumbled across Pixiv and Topit. These sites are popular open platforms for both amateur and professional illustrators to submit their digital art, often manga and anime inspired.

Illustrators throughout Japan and beyond have been posting ‘What’s in my bag?’ (かばんのなかみは) illustrations for a while now… this satisfies two interests of mine: a nosiness of what other girls cart around in their handbags, and a love of real life objects drawn to a miniature scale.

I thought I would share some of my favourite ‘What’s in my bag?’ artwork found around Pixiv…

book of deer

There are literally hundreds of illustrations tagged under ‘What’s in my bag?’ on Pixiv and Topit. I think Japanese girls carry the cutest things but what I really like about these illustrations is the humour that is injected into them. There’s no glossing over the fact that us girls carry a lot of junk!

Having spent ages admiring other Pixiv art I decided to jump on the bandwagon and do my own…

book of deerbook of deerBook of Deer

*゚✲゚*:₀。Click to enlarge!*゚✲゚*:₀。

Here’s what I always carry in my backpack:

  • My HTC One Max- my huge phone and my lifeline
  • Urban Ears headphones… they are battered and bruised but I still love them
  • My purse containing money, cards and my ID- I really should have graduated to a wallet by now but I love cute purses!
  • My Oyster card – A Londoner’s essential
  • A broken Chanel powder compact, held intact with a hair-tie obviously
  • Lipstick – in case I’m going somewhere
  • My keys… on a Chromeo keychain. I had a time-turner from Harry Potter studios but it broke!
  • Juice – I am terrible at drinking water so I always have some liquid sugar instead
  • Tic-Tacs – or other sweets. Limited edition flavours are my specialty
  • Nurofen – just in case
  • Deodorant – to spray on myself and around me on public transport
  • AW13 Book of Deer sweatshirt for when the sun sets
  • A book – reading material for queues
  • My pen case – for all my favourite ball-point pens and pencils because you never know when inspiration will hit!
So there you have it! My not-so-glamarous daily essentials revealed! I hope you’ve enjoyed peeking at my possessions as much as I’ve enjoyed drawing them!

More ‘What’s in Your Bag?’ drawings can be found here at Pixiv and Topit.

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Book of Deer Sale!

Book of Deer SALE


20% off our SS14 Summer Blouses!

Pick up your 100% cotton, novelty print blouse in the online shop now.

FREE worlwide shipping included!

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B.O.D Press ~ Moviegoer’s Honey & Clover

Book of DeerOur Japanese stockist Moviegoer is an online shop that curates clothing and fashion evoked by independent and cult movies. Each season the creative shop owner Sawori styles her own photo story of our collections inspired by movies she loves. This season Sawori took our SS14 Flower Power collection and turned it into a tribute to the popular manga series Honey & Clover. Honey and Clover (ハチミツとクローバー Hachimitsu to Kurōbā) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Chika Umino. The story follows a group of college students as they navigate Art school, tackling unrequited love, creative challenges and finding jobs.

Book of Deer

One of the main characters Hagumi Hanamoto is a shy, sheltered and gifted student who is described as being very child-like. Hagumi is depicted in the manga as wearing long, loose vintage looking dresses layered over long-sleeved tops, and flat shoes. Her appearance and dress sense inspired a whole new contingent of Mori Girls when the feature film of the manga was released in 2006.

Mori Girl poster girl Yu Aoi played the part of Hagumi Hanamoto and gave a whole new meaning to layering in her eclectic outfits!

book of deer

Book of Deer

Moviegoer’s take on a “Book of Deer Hagu-chan” layers our Marianne Dresses over boyfriend jeans and converse sneakers. The effect is an arty looking Mori Girl and we love it!

book of deer dressbook of deer blousebook of deer dressbook of deerbook of deer dressbook of deer dressbook of deerI would highly recommend Honey & Clover to anyone who wants to watch a super girly anime!

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B.O.D Press ~ Kittenhood

Remember our best selling Bird Disguise Blouse from our SS12 collection? Well Daria of Kittenhood really knows how to style it!Book of Deer

Daria has rather ingeniously styled her Book of Deer blouse in two very different ways on her blog.

1) Here she is at the University of Art & Design graduate exhibition in Cluj-Napoca, Romania looking very chic pairing her blouse with a relaxed white trench. Full style post here

Book of DeerBook of DeerBook of Deer

 2) And here is Daria demonstrating expert layering with her blouse peeking out under a Dear Creatures dress…read the full story here.

Book of DeerBook of DeerBook of DeerFollow the life of Daria on Kittenhood…. she likes all the stuff we like: cats, fit-and-flare dresses, bikes, novelty prints, foxes, breakfast food…

book of deer

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Styling Carnations and a Discount Code!

The Carnation Baez Blouse is my favourite of the season. From afar it may look like just a pretty floral blouse but close-up you can see the miniature VW Beetle cars mixed in among the carnation blooms. I’d style this blouse in a roller-girl outfit with a denim skater skirt and retro style roller skates. Made from the softest natural cotton, this blouse will keep you cool all summer long!

Carnation Girl

Cap sleeve top
£56 -

Killin It Water Bottle
£5.86 -
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Kitten Friday

book of deerA little bit of cute therapy for the end of the week~


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Postcards from New York

I have been sitting here reminiscing about my trip to New York City last month and thought I would share some vacation snapshots with you. Sorry they’re a bit low-res, all pics were taken with my phone. Those who know me will know that my phone (HTC One Max) is my absolute most-prized possession, it is as big as my face and I like to hide behind it in public. Perhaps one day I will get a DSLR(?) and start snapping blog-worthy pictures, but until then I hope this collection of moments from my trip will make you feel like you were there with me.


I am not such a stranger to NYC as I have had the good fortune of having family and dear friends there since I was little. I also spent 3 months interning at Anna Sui back in my St Martins days. Nevertheless, it had been a good few years since my last trip to New York so I felt more than obliged to plan a visit. Our main agenda was to wander around everywhere, eat 7 meals a day and hang out with some old pals.

Book of DeerBook of DeerBook of Deer

Highlights included:

  • The Charles James exhibition at the Met. Each dress had a screen next to it playing infographic videos of how the garment was constructed. The ingenuity of Charles James’ pattern cutting is unparalleled, I couldn’t get my head around the engineering of each ball gown. Very clever man.Book of Deer
  • Cereal Milk soft-serve. New York’s food scene needs no introduction so I will not bore you with a list of places we ate at. All I can say is we stuffed ourselves with no abandon and Momofuku’s cereal milk soft serve is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing I have ever eaten. It tastes like Saturday morning cartoons.Book of Deer
  • Visiting the Anna Sui studio.It’s been 6 or 7 years since my internship there and it was lovely to see some familiar faces. I’m always apprehensive whether people will remember me after a certain time has passed (those of you with uncommon names will know the feeling) and I was thrilled that they did. After my internship I continued to design T-shirt prints every season for Anna Sui and being back there inspired me to get cracking on some new ideas for them. Below is one of the designs I did for them last year.

    Book of Deer

  • Spotting Sesame Street filming on 5th Avenue. I love puppets and couldn’t believe it when we saw Sesame Street on location. We suspect it was Murray interviewing some kids. I had to refrain from running up and hugging him.
  • Sky Writing in Brooklyn. We were basking like seals on a friend’s rooftop when this plane spelled out ‘Existence or Nonexistence’ over our heads. A sign from the heavens perhaps?

I could go on and on about the wonderful things we did, New York is a city that is infinitely impressive and entertaining. I am reinvigorated to seek out more USA stockists so I might have more reasons to hop over the Atlantic!

Book of Deer


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B.O.D Press ~ Toshiko Shek

It’s Not Her, It’s Me is a blog on my regular reads list… Toshiko Shek is a San Mateo, California based blogger and a self-described “fashion enthusiast, artist, and crazy cat lady”. I love Toshiko’s style versatility, her outfits can look sophisticated but she always sneaks in little elements of cute. She remixes boxy jackets, capes and leather with novelty prints, pastels and lace.

Toshiko recently styled our Odetta Dress in a dreamy sun-saturated blog post. Toshiko paired her vinyl-print dress with F21 two-tone chunky platform sandals and a Mori Girl straw hat.

Book of Deer dressBook of Deer DressBook of Deer dressBook of Deer dress

“To go with my happy state of mind, here are some photos of me wearing Book of Deer frolicking around in the rose garden. Isn’t this Odetta Vinyl dress so perfect for summer? Look closely, there are not only florals but vinyl records too!” ~ Toshiko

Read the full blog post and all about Toshiko’s enviable LA life here at It’s Not Her, It’s Me.

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B.O.D Press ~ Of North

I was pretty chuffed to see this outfit post on Of North featuring our AW13 Selkie Blouse. Isn’t Chloe the cutest? I love how she styled her blouse with high waisted vintage Guess jeans. Read what she had to say about Book of Deer below…

Book of DeerPrint BlousePrint BlousePrint Blouse

“Let’s talk about this blouse for a minute. I found Book of Deer via Views of Now and fell in love with her A/W 2013 collection, Selkie & the Sea. So much great seaside, nautical inspiration! I’m completely in love with all of Book of Deer designer Eilidh Ho’s creations. All of her prints are beautifully hand drawn and sewn into adorable blouses, drape-y dresses, and cute mini skirts.
I spent a good three days ooooh-ing and aaaahh-ing before picking out what piece from the collection I wanted to buy. Although I was massively in love with the Selkie Dress, I decided the cut was a bit too juvenile for my style at the moment. Everyday I struggle to be taken seriously as a 5 foot adult with porcelain pale skin, curly hair, and bright green eyes (trust me, it’s the worst combination for trying to look your age). So instead, I went for the Village Blouse. The illustrations half remind me of Santorini, Greece, and half remind me of something out of a Hemingway novel. A mixture of whimsical and dark, summery and foreboding.”

~Chloe Of North

Chloe’s blog is a really thoughtful lifestyle blog with beautiful photography and adorable outfit posts. I’m definitely adding Of North to my daily blogroll!

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