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You probably already know Rachel-Marie of Jag Lever because she’s quite a big deal on the blogosphere. So you can imagine I was pretty excited to hear she was a fan of our Torpor Dress!  Rachel’s blog post on her Book of Deer dress was beyond my expectations, I have to applaud her for not only posing in the snow without a jacket but for also composing such an artistic outfit shoot. Standing in the snow against all the naked birch trees, Rachel looks like an ice princess out of a fairytale. I love the contrast of her dark locks against the snow and the pastel blue print, the result is magical and quite Dolly Kei. Check out Rachel’s full post here: http://www.jaglever.com/buried-in-birch/

Book of DeerBook of Deer

Book of DeerBook of Deer

Book of DeerBook of Deerbookofdeer“”I received this beautiful dress from Book of Deer. This little shop could be my new favorite! Their pieces are so delicate and beautiful. I absolutely love the nature accents of course!”~ Rachel (www.Jaglever.com)


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✩★✩★Merry Book of Christmas Deer!✩★✩★

•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*Merry Christmas one and all!´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•

I hope however you spend today, you are surrounded by loved ones and good food. I am currently dressed as a Christmas pudding and helping myself to a third helping of trifle!

book of deerbook of deerbook of deer

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Hong Kong Here I come!

Saskia Keultjes Illustration

It’s that time of the year again… Tomorrow I head off to Hong Kong! Production of our Spring Summer 2015 collection is underway, rolls of cutlery patterned fabric is being printed, clothes pegs are being embroidered… and I can look forward to inspecting it all upon my arrival. Autumn/Winter 2015 sampling will be starting now too, our schedule is tight this year as Pure London is coming up fast so I have all my fingers crossed this new collection will come together nicely. It won’t be all work though, with Christmas coming up I can look forward to traditional and not-so-traditional festivities in Hong Kong. There will be fluorescent Christmas lights on all the buildings, sweet potatoes roasting on the streets, gimmicky gifts and food trends all dressed up in Xmas packaging . Be sure to follow my adventures on Instagram @bookofdeer!

See you on the other side Deer friends! x


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Winter in the Forest

A rather lovely thing by El Diablo on Behance

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Fairytale Torpor Dress

Whenever I wear our AW14 Torpor Dress I like to pretend I’m in a fairytale, there’s just something about the snowy forest print and the fluted sleeves that make me feel like a character from a book. Truthfully, most days I would rather be frolicking in a forest than sitting on the tube so I always say there’s nothing wrong with a little stylistic escapism.

In an ideal world I would style the Torpor Dress with an eclectic mix of fantasy-inspired accessories. I had a little fun creating an outfit on Polyvore… complete with World of Warcraft messenger bag and a Narnia necklace.

Book of Deer Fairytale


But here’s how I usually style it, paired with my grey snowflake tights…bookofdeerbook of deer

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Book of Turkey

From now until Monday, 1st of December you can take 20% off your entire order (including sale items!) with code: BOOKOFTURKEY … Wishing our stateside followers a joyous weekend of feasting and shopping!

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Book of Deer x Nora Finds

Can you believe it’s nearly December? I hope you are all getting excited about Christmas because I am well and truly in the festive mood! Some might say I’ve peaked too early but I am very susceptible to clever marketing and the Xmas ads are tugging my heartstrings all over the place. Have you seen the John Lewis ad this year? If you have you are probably sick of hashtag Monty, but if you haven’t its a must-see and I give you permission to leave my page and go watch it now.

Life is busy as always with Book of Deer. I am quite chuffed with myself this week because I have finally finished all the artwork for Autumn Winter 2015. I sooo wish I could reveal the theme or give you a print sneak peek but that would really spoil the fun come February. I will give you a hint though, think lights!

Book of Deer will be exhibiting at Pure London next year. It is our first UK tradeshow so I am rather nervous and excited about it. If you would like to visit our booth, we will be at A18 in the Spirit Section.. drop me an email and I will gladly send you an invite. Hope to see you there!

I have also been devoting some time to illustration commissions. As you know, illustration is a big part of the Book of Deer brand as all our prints are lovingly hand-drawn. I was really flattered when Nora of blog Nora Finds approached me to give her blog the Book of Deer treatment. Nora gave me complete creative license to design her a logo and banner and was an absolute delight to draw. Nora has a really unique style that is in its essence vintage-inspired but also colourful and quite cinematic, what I love most about her style is that she always keeps it fun. The fact that Nora is a molecular biologist makes her all the more fascinating!

book of deer illustrationNora Finds book of deerIf you follow me on Instagram (bookofdeer) you will know that Nora and I are collaborating on a portrait giveaway to mark her birthday. The winner will win a custom portrait by yours truly! The competition is limited to Instagram only, but if any of you are interested in commissioning me for any other collaborations or illustration work, please do get in touch at contact@bookofdeer.com! book of deer

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B.O.D Press ~ A Fashion Nerd

Amy of A Fashion Nerd is one of my all time favourite Instagrammers, she masterfully epitomises the ‘rock chick in a peter-pan collar’ look. Amy’s look is an eclectic mix of retro button ups, vintage silhouettes, chunky boots and cute novelty prints all topped off with the most enviable haircut. Here’s a post she recently dedicated to Book of Deer, I love how she styled her December Dress with a vintage blouse and tan boots!book of deerBook of Deer

Book of DeerBook of DeerBook of DeerBook of DeerBook of Deer
“I adore this bear hat and dress from Book of Deer. They make such adorable clothes, exactly my style. This bear hat is to die for, I love it!! I love wearing really fun things on my head. I love this soft velvet like dress with the house printed on the front, it is gorgeous. I put this blouse under it to give it a more vintage feel. My new D’Blanc sunglasses are killer. I love the color and shape of them a lot. I feel the color really matched the dress nicely. ”
xoxox AMY 
  。 ☆ + ゚Read Amy’s full post here  。*  +
*  ・ 。   Get your December Dress here *   。*  +
  ゚・☆ + 。゚Get your Bear Hat here ・  ☆゚
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B.O.D ~ The Capricious Club

Those of you who spend a good chunk of your day devouring style blogs no doubt will have come across Bestie Konisis of The Capricious Club during your internet trawls. Bestie is one of my fave style inspirations, she perfectly personifies the Book of Deer girl in my head. Manila-based Bestie is a self-confessed style chameleon and flits effortlessly between flower child layering and prim vintage looks. I love how she styled her Book of Deer Snowy Blouse and Grizzly Skirt with milk-maid braids, frilly socks and platform mary-janes. Bestie expertly demonstrates how to dress for winter against a tropical backdrop and I’m envious she doesn’t have to hide her adorable outfits under a big coat!

book of deerbook of deerbook of deerbook of deerbook of deerbook of deer

In Bestie’s words:

“I have only ever experienced real snow once in my life, on a trip to china with my family many years ago. It was an experience both delightful and frightening; the newness of it was nothing short of exhilarating. no matter how much we prepared for it we were still constantly startled by the jarring cold that crept over every inch of exposed skin and through little crevices that could not quite get covered by the warmth of winter clothing. still I would not trade it for the world: that brief encounter I had with snow made me believe, more than ever, that I was meant to dance among white flurries and stand in awe at the beauty of it all.

I wish I had the chance to photograph my pretty new blouse amid a forest clothed in snow. i’d be playing on the ground with the grizzlies on my skirt, making snow angels until my fingers and toes and the tip of my nose beg for the warmth of a roaring fire and a sweet cup of hot cocoa.”

blouse, skirt – c/o book of deer
heels – old, similar here
satchel – old, similar here
earrings – gorjana

Read more: http://www.bestiekonisis.com/2014/11/each-one-like-a-gem/#ixzz3Ifx9z72V

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B.O.D Press ~ L’Amardio Del Delitto

book of deerI was very excited when our AW14 collection ‘Hibernation’ got blogged by Cécile de Gatty of L’Amardio Del Delitto fame. Cécile is a multilingual beauty who blogs in Italian and French about exactly the sort of retro-cute-chic fashion Book of Deer loves to be associated with… as well as other things we have in common like cats and Bob Dylan. Most exciting of all L’Amardio Del Delitto is one of a select group of blogs under the Grazia.it umbrella and I can’t think of anything more glamorous than reaching out to more Book of Deer girls in Italy!

book of deer

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